j.v. hudson

Located in the heartland of North Carolina . Available for weddings , funerals , corporate events , wakes and wars . Many uniforms and packages to choose from.

About my pipes

My main set of pipes are a full nickel thistle pattern set by McCallum Bagpipes of Kilmarnock , Scotland.

Chanter by C.E. Kron of New York

Bag by Gannaway of New Zealand .

Bag cover by Allisdair MacDonald.

Wygent Duatone drone reeds by Mark Wygent Ross chanter reed.

My Second set are a wonderful sounding set of Kintail drones (Henderson copy) by Greg Sharp & Co. in Glascow, Scotland Concert B flat chanter by MacLellan able to tune to concert pitch so I can play with other instruments, piano, pipe organ etc.

I stopped by MacLellan Bagpipes shop on the way to play a wedding in Charleston, SC . I meet Roddy (really great guy ) and picked up a new B flat chanter made of Blackwood . It is really sweet . It is going to be a great addition to my concert setup .

I also play a set of Scottish small pipes by R.T. Shepherd of Cardenden Fife , Scotland in the key of upper D . This set works well when playing sessions with fiddlers .


Map Marker is an approximate location
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